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Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Adequate planning is critical for companies wanting to avoid major losses that can accompany natural disasters and other crises. A thorough business continuity or disaster recovery plan, kept up-to-date and managed appropriately, can literally mean a difference of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

TAMP Systems uses its DRI certified consultants to provide a full suite of products and services designed for companies who need audit-proof business continuity planning and management solutions based upon best practices, which can be implemented and maintained quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

TAMP DRS Solutions and Benefits - Overview of the functionality and associated benefits of TAMP's BCM software solution.

Disaster Recovery System (DRS™) - Business Continuity Software

Create plans, keep plans up-to-date, and manage Business Continuity Management (BCM) data with TAMP Systems' Web-based Disaster Recovery Systems (DRS) software. Available as either Software as a Service (SaaS) or installed on your corporate intranet Web server, DRS is a powerful tool that enables you to quickly and easily put in place best practices for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

The TAMP-hosted SaaS model offers the convenience of being able to get started right away, with no installation required. BCM best-practice templates and content are built into the system, and planning help is just a click away. You can rest easy, knowing that your data is hosted at TAMP Systems' Tire 3, SAS70 audited and certified data center with secure, encrypted 24/7 worldwide access. Plus, the DRS Response & Recovery module interfaces directly with the TAMP's Essential Notification System (ENS), should a disaster-related incident strike.

DRS Brochure - Automate your planning process with TAMP's Disaster Recovery System (DRS™)

DRS™ Smartphone App - There's an App for that!

The TAMP DRS™ Smartphone App is an interactive application designed specifically for DRS. It features real-time alerts, voice and text messaging, and the ability to view the tasks required to recover immediately.

If a disaster strikes and you're out of the office or on vacation, with the DRS Smartphone App broadcast feature you will be able to voice notify your affected team members immediately, review the incident management module to see up-to-date information on the status of recovery, plus you can access DRS Hot Buttons, Recovery Tasks and assigned call lists to begin the recovery process.

Key Features:
  • ?Access Published Plans via Hot Buttons
  • ?Disaster Management & Incident Response
  • ?Broadcast Voice & Message Notification with real-time confirmation
  • ?Real-time Management of Recovery Tasks
  • ?Direct Link to assigned Call Lists

DRS Smartphone App Brochure - Access BCM documentation as well as manage incident responses remotely.

Incident Response Plan (IRP) - A new BCM Plan!

  • ?Don't need a full comprehensive Business Continuity Plan?
  • ?Are you looking for a simple plan to help notify critical staff members at time of crisis?
  • !Look no further!

The Incident Response Plan (IRP) helps you respond quickly during a crisis.

The Incident Response Plan is an easy to use plan that is fully interactive with TAMP's DRS software and TAMP's Smartphone App. This product is for anyone or any business that doesn't need a full comprehensive business continuity plan, but do need a plan for when disaster strikes. With the Incident Response Plan you can notify critical staff members on their Smartphone with audio or text messaging. In real-time you can update Incident information, recovery tasks, call lists and much more.

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TAMP's award-winning BCM Software (DRS) provides functionality to manage and roll up documents, spreadsheets, inventory lists, graphics and flowcharts into one plan. It also integrates with the most popular programs that are already on your desktop, i.e., the Microsoft office products. And, DRS easily passes the most stringent audit and regulatory requirements.

TAMP was inducted into the Contingency Planning & Management Hall of Fame , which is reserved for companies and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the business continuity planning field.

TAMP is a DRI International Certified Business Continuity Vendor (CBCV) DRI CBCV DRI is the world-wide leader for education and certifications in business continuity management
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